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Top 8 Quick Tips For an Android Media Box

1. Less is more

Remove applications that you do not use. This may clear up precious space on your Android Media box.

2. Clean Start

Each week, switch off your box and detach it from the mains power for 10 seconds. Do the same with your online Broadband router/hub. This clears the cache and also force the box and router to create new connections, cleaning of old fresh ones, which sometimes slows the devices down.

3. Close down

Always ensure you shut down Kodi XBMX properly. Kodi XBMC is similar to a working system. If you simply switch off your box without breaking down Kodi, then it is going to start to play up. Kodi requires time to tidy away files and close connections. Use the exit icon situated on the Kodi main menu at select EXIT.

4. Be ready

Always have a memory card handy, with the most recent firmware already installed on it. Once in a while, it’s great to make a fresh software install on your box, taking it back to the basic principles and fixing. Owning a memory card of at least 2gb in size is important when owning a Google Android TV box.

5. Easy input

Invest a little extra and put money into an air remote. An air remote permits you to control the on-screen cursor extremely easily by simply waggling the remote just like a Wii controller.

Air remotes also come with a complete QWERTY keyboard, letting you enter web addresses and search for movies and applications very easily, rather than having to use the on-screen keyboard with the standard remote.

6. Take your box abroad

Many owners like to take their boxes on vacation with them. Virtually all vacation villas now come with a High-Definition Multimedia Interface equipped Television and great WIFI. Maintaining your Android media box with you’ll enable you to have all of your favorite TV and Films wherever you move. Nothing is worse than attempting to find something decent to look at a foreign Television that does not speak your own language. The most Television boxes are smaller compared to the palm of your hand, so do not take up a great deal of room.

7. Use reboot supervisor

Reboot supervisor is a superb application that enables you to reboot your box to recovery mode. In case you’ve your up to date memory card installed, then it’ll reboot directly into upgrading the firmware, without you having to violin around with a screwdriver to press the reset button.

8. Make use of all OTA updates

Some brands have their very own OTA update apps. Which implies that instead of working with a memory card, the box could be automatically updated by any changes simply by going to OTA and downloading the update right to the box. This is perfect for simple and quick installs when a manufacturer identifies an error that requires a fast fix, or to get some new attributes to be added.

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