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6 Easy Ways Of Protecting Your Router

6 Easy Ways Of Protecting Your Router Since the inception of the world wide web, routers have been a primary target for cybercriminals. Gaining access to routers remains quite easy in many cases for a cybercriminal because proper security practices aren’t utilized in the majority of cases. Once an attacker …

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Best Laptops Below $1000

Best Laptops Below $1000:  The development of new laptops has brought about a challenging alternative for individuals to select from. There are various laptops which have been provided in the market. For those first timers, it is best to look out for the laptop computer performance. This is what makes …

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6 Ways to Renew Your Old Computer

6 Ways to Renew Your Old Computer:  What occurs when you have an older, poor performing computer that blows off your time and creates frustration every day? Here are 6 ways wherein you could make the best of it. 1. Upgrade Did you install an application or game, and your …

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4 Types of Network Switches

4 Types of Network Switches Network switches are a useful bit of hardware to include in a computer network which consists of several devices. There are a couple of types of network switches which play a different part in the management of the network. A significant function is the capability …

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6 Different Types of USB Cables

6 Different Types of USB Cables The Universal Serial Bus cable is a universal standard and used for connecting electronic or computer peripherals. This universal cable has replaced a broad range of connectors from the past, including midi ports, mouse ports, DB9 serial and parallel ports. The USB cable can …

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