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How to Stay Safe Online – General Advice and Tips

Viruses, ransomware, scams, and identity theft and reduction of digital info are getting increasingly more common as we move towards an electronic era.

With digital security becoming more apparent, it’s extremely important to adopt a fantastic habit of keeping yourself and your family safe on-line. Here are a few basic strategies and tips to defend your identity, files along with your personal device.

Keep your pc, smartphone and tablet computer clean

  • Keep your device up to date with the most recent applications
    Software upgrades provide enhancements and security upgrades.
  • Keep your security software (anti-virus ) up to date
    Security software needs latest virus definitions to determine emerging and new virus/malware. YesMac’s and mobile phones need security software.
  • Scan external devices (USB)
    Universal Serial Bus and external apparatus can carry the virus from infected apparatus onto yours. Ensure you allow external apparatus scanning to ensure it doesn’t get onto your PC

Be very web savvy online

  • Look out for links that are malicious and attachments when there’s doubt, delete it. Links/attachments in e-mails, tweets, SMS, articles, and advertising are cybercriminals can endanger your apparatus. If it’s suspicious or too good to be true, delete it, either block or mark it as crap.
  • Check for trusted websites
    When banking online or shopping, ensure they’ve SSL (secure socket layer) security. SSL protects passwords along with your banking info securely.
  • Beware of Phishing
    Phishing is a means for cybercriminals to mask legitimate internet site with their own to steal your confidential login. Don’t click any requests to verify your password unless you asked it.
  • Risks with public Wi-Fi Hotspots
    Adjust your security level on your device when obtaining public networks. Your apparatus firewall and antivirus can detect and adjust automatically when connecting to different networks. Turn off your own Wi-Fi to public networks whenever you don’t have to use it anymore.

Shield your personal information

  • Keep your password complex
    Don’t use a password. Keep it complex with the combination of upper case/lower case characters, numbers and symbols. If it’s too difficult to remember, use a secure password manager to keep track.
  • Utilize Two Measure Verification
    Two-step verification will make it even more difficult to access your online existence. If a cybercriminal has your password, they’ll be stopped if they don’t have access to your other devices and accounts.

Back all up it

Backup your data, pictures, documents, video along with other digital data and store it securely.

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