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6 Easy Ways Of Protecting Your Router

6 Easy Ways Of Protecting Your Router

Since the inception of the world wide web, routers have been a primary target for cybercriminals. Gaining access to routers remains quite easy in many cases for a cybercriminal because proper security practices aren’t utilized in the majority of cases.

Once an attacker gets access to the router, then he may easily perform a series of activities with your PC. For instance:

  1. He can redirect you to other sites.
  2. He can monitor your actions on the internet.
  3. He can block some websites for you.
  4. And lastly, he can also control your computer remotely.

In a nutshell, once someone gains access to your own router that he gains access to your own life.

So it’s vital to ensure the safety of your router. Obviously, a few of the most advanced security methods such as the removal of all wireless SOHO routers cannot be utilized by everybody, however, there are several easy tactics too that everyone can use for increasing the safety of his/her router. These tactics are given below:

  • Maintain remote control over the net turned off: Embedded Web Servers frequently become a vulnerability for the safety of your router. You need to mandate your company security policy that remote control feature ought to be disabled on each router that connects to your corporate VPN.
  • Prevent default IPs: Default IP ranges make CSRF attacks a lot easier. Thus instead of having an IP address with, consider an Internet protocol address that is not predictable. That is a really simple, but very successful technique of avoiding CSRF attack.
  • Never forget logging out after configuring the router: Whenever the router is not in use, it should not be logged inside. Many routers do not log out automatically when they are not in use, which opens the door for CSRF attacks. Though Some smart CSRF attacks can be implemented successfully without even utilizing the authentication, nevertheless this easy step may reduce the likeliness of such strikes.
  • Turn off WPS and turn on encryption: Attacking a router becomes a lot easier if attacker may connect to it. Rather than utilizing WPS for the safety of your router, then you need to use AES backed WPA2. Protect it with a strong 26 characters long passkey.
  • Passwords thing a whole lot: By no means Use the default password for your router. They are usually the same for the entire product line. Additionally avoid weak passwords that relate to your own life in some manner or do not contains a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. Maintain firmware of your router
  • Up-to-date: Lastly, ensure that the firmware of your router is up-to-date. Older firmware versions frequently fall prey to the attackers while newer ones come with fixes of security vulnerabilities. So check for the most recent firmware on a daily basis and update if needed.

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