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6 Different Types of USB Cables

6 Different Types of USB Cables

The Universal Serial Bus cable is a universal standard and used for connecting electronic or computer peripherals. This universal cable has replaced a broad range of connectors from the past, including midi ports, mouse ports, DB9 serial and parallel ports. The USB cable can support to explain the whole method of combining a mouse, HDD, keyboard, or monitor a computer without the need to be concerned with finding specific cables for each piece of hardware.

Here are a couple of the various kinds of Universal Serial Bus cables:


This type is rarely utilized in modern technology and replaced by the Universal Serial Bus Micro.

Universal Serial Bus Micro

The Universal Serial Bus Micro is the preferred choice for connecting memory sticks, flash drives, or comparable to the most recent mobile devices. it’s the capability to read data without having to rely on a pc.

Universal Serial Bus 3

The Universal Serial Bus 3 cable is a high-speed and versatile option. It’s designed with backward compatibility to make it easy to use with the early Universal Serial Bus ports and cables. there’s a slight change in the form of the connector pins to make it more durable and able to stand up to repeated use. In addition, there’s also a Universal Serial Bus 3 micro cable that’s built with more pins to make it much much much more efficient at transferring data.


The USB-A is a preferred choice for using with power outlets or computers. it’s multiple uses including data transfer, connecting devices to computers or charging devices. This kind of cable can only be connected in one way.


The USB-B is the most practical choice for connecting an external hard disk drive or printer to a pc. This kind of Universal Serial Bus cable isn’t extremely common.


The USB-C is among the most recent developments to easily connect devices. This cable is rated for its great strength flow and high-speed data transfer. In addition, the cable is reversible for greater versatility in use.

With such a broad range of Universal Serial Bus cables, it’s imperative to research the different choices to ensure you have the right one to match the specific hardware or add-ons. In addition, it’s important to avoid combining the wrong wires or trying alternative connections because this has the possible risk of making wrong to your device.

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